It’s one thing to use social media to try to gain followers and get your name out there; it’s a totally different game to use proven direct response marketing principles to drive more leads and profits. These books deliver the keys to selling directly to cold traffic on social media, increasing your lead flow and opt-ins, to creating celebrity status online. Whatever measurable result you’re after with social media, there are step-by-step strategies and simple, effective techniques in this book that will speed up the time it takes for you to get there and save you from frustration.

Joe Polish, founder of Genius Network

I highly recommend this book for anyone who was like me and did not have a clue how to monetize Instagram. To be perfectly honest the only thing I knew how to do confidently before reading this book was upload a photograph. Now using Instagram is a regular part of my business.

Belinda Wise-Bey

These are the best books in the market today to drive sales to your business through social media marketing. They show you how much more money you could be making every day.

Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling