Kim Walsh Phillips

#1 Direct Response Social Media Marketer in the World.
Fueled by faith, love, laughter & lots and lots (and lots) of coffee.

Not only is Kim the first social media marketer I ever heard that even mentions ROI, but that is her main focus. She is also the first marketer I have ever recommended to all of my Shark Tank investments and who I use for my personal business. We had her speak at our recent Mr. Wonderful Summit and the attendees loved it. She has my full endorsement.

Kevin O'Leary, Aka "Mr. Wonderful," Shark Tank

As most people know, I have a cautious and critical attitude toward ‘social media marketing’ – in large part because most of the promoters and peddlers of it as well as the entrepreneurs and companies pouring money into it are loathe to apply tough-minded productivity and ROI measurements to it. Kim is a sane and rational voice in the cacophony of charlatans. She is getting dollar-measurable, direct response results for my private clients.

Dan S. Kennedy
Marketing Strategist/Copywriter. Author, NO B.S. book series

There’s so much fluff out there. But not with Kim. If you want someone who gets how social media can actually drive results, look no further.

Clayton Morris, Fox News, The Fox & Friends Show



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