I’m Kim Walsh Phillips, aka KWP.
(Feel free to call me that. It will save you 1.8 seconds each time. You are welcome.)
I empower business owners to stop being advertising victims and start generating customers online while making a profit.
And I love shoes. And cheese. And my family. But not in that order. Maybe.

I love how Kim makes being a business owner so much fun with her writing and speaking style! Upon attending one of her Facebook Profit Power webinars and implementing what she taught, I was able to successfully get opt-ins for a campaign that we ran. No spam bots, all humans! Yey!!!

Marissa Gentryon

As most people know, I have a cautious and critical attitude toward ‘social media marketing’ – in large part because most of the promoters and peddlers of it as well as the entrepreneurs and companies pouring money into it are loathe to apply tough-minded productivity and ROI measurements to it. Kim is a sane and rational voice in the cacophony of charlatans. She is getting dollar-measurable, direct response results for my private clients.

Dan S. Kennedy
Marketing Strategist/Copywriter. Author, NO B.S. book series

I followed Kim and her #1 goal is to help business owners understand the world of online marketing better. She knows what she’s talking about, and as a business owner who would rather bury his head in the sand and use old-school marketing methods that don’t really work anymore, I’m thankful to have her books as resources to help me grow my business.

Charles Savage


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